That special time

24 Jan 2021 | Poetry

So let me tell you 
about the time 
we sat on the moon
and splashed 
by the sea.
Let me tell you
how we roamed
the hills and came
back contented.

Let me tell you
how the tide swerved in
our imagination
and the stars glistened
with delight as
we sang to the future
we thought was ours.
Let me tell you
how the rain relented.

Let me tell you
about us making
love in the sun
and letting the wind
roll off our backs,
how we cheered for
justice and Dylan
and became
so very fixated.

And let me tell you
how the mountains
changed colour
and the birds screeched
and flew backwards,
how the snowdrops
sparkled and then
looked so
utterly dejected.

Please let me tell you
about that time,
that very special time.

Written 2020